Twelfth Night at Theatre Royal Windsor

Settling down in my seat at Theatre Royal Windsor, I wondered what on earth I had booked tickets to see, and whether the performers knew they would be on stage in 10 minutes.… Continue reading

No House to Call Home

When was the last time you walked past someone sleeping rough? It’s virtually impossible to walk more than a couple of streets in London and not be exposed to this growing crisis in… Continue reading

Shakespeare under the Stars

There is little that says ‘eccentrically British’ more absolutely than spending a Friday night in a dark field whilst it pours with rain watching Shakespeare.Twelfth Night, performed by the Lord Chamberlain’s Men in Langley… Continue reading

The Beauty of: Croatia

I have wanted to visit Croatia since I was about 14, flicking through holiday brochures I had swiped from a travel agent (back when holiday brochures and travel agents existed and were pretty… Continue reading

Lost in Limbo?

When I graduated from university three years ago (let’s not get started on how it is possible that I have been out of university for longer that I was in), it was exciting.… Continue reading

Teatox? Challenge Accepted.

A trip to the dentist always used to culminate with a pit stop at the sweet shop next door. Ah the good old days. Following my check up last Friday, I felt compelled to… Continue reading

Why You Should Quit Your Job To Travel

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I packed my bags, hopped on a plane and embarked on what was undoubtedly the best extended trip of my life thus far. Travelling around… Continue reading

The Invisible Monsters

For years I have lived in a world where there are invisible monsters. They are everywhere, drifting and wandering, just waiting in a mildly threatening manner. I think they look vaguely like pastel… Continue reading

How To Handle Twitter Badly, According to Protein World

You may have seen this advert plastered all over the tube (and/or twitter) recently.  It features two big eye catchers – bare female flesh and a lot of yellow. You may at first… Continue reading

My Month as a Sober Veggie

I stopped eating meat and drinking alcohol for the entirety of February, which if you know me was no mean feat. It started as a vague detox idea transforming itself into a brilliant way to… Continue reading

Disney Expectations

‘Disney ruined my expectations of love’ is a pretty common complaint among girls in their twenties, who grew up on a visual diet of beautiful princesses being saved by dashing princes, whisking them way for a happily ever after. Then they grow up and the realisation that 3D men with real flesh and brains won’t slash down a forest of thorns whilst fighting a dragon to save them hits like a sledgehammer, usually the morning after a one night stand or doomed coffee date. Or so the theory goes.

Hey Sexy!: What is it like to be catcalled?

After I saw this video last week, I shared it on Twitter. If you haven’t seen it and don’t have time/ can’t be bothered to watch, it is a two minute film of… Continue reading

The Fat Issue

Fat has been a bit of a buzzword lately, and a late night Twitter conversation with @VickyChandler from, got me thinking. What with the #fatkini hashtag storming Instagram, fat memes popping up everywhere,… Continue reading

Coding Clothes

My timelines are currently full of images of this top, along with comments criticizing and questioning Spanish fashion retailer, Zara’s sense and sensitivity.  Word on the street is that this top for children… Continue reading

Graduates, Welcome to the ‘Real World’

Congratulations graduates and welcome to this fun and exciting place called The Real World. Sounds scary, huh? It involves a job and responsibility and god knows what else. Definitely not what you lazy… Continue reading